“Extra! Extra!

 Read all about it!”

Teasers and hints were dropped online, but the wait is finally over. This is the biggest REUZEL project we’ve been working on so far. We’re so proud and stoked to finally be able to share this cover.


But actually it’s 
way more than that.

It’s a doorway to something you’ve never seen before! A combination of stuff we really love; hair, photography, style and (comic) art. Are you ready to enter an alternate universe where ROACHes thrive?!?




Eddie Rooster Barbosa wielded the sceptre over Eversteijn’s underworld, alongside his brother Roy Barbosa with whom he was inseparable. When Eddie died a gruesome and painful death, after being lured into a trap by the breathtaking but vile Southern belle he fell in love with, according to many, his brother Roy’s ability to love faded, turning him into the merciless kingpin of today.

De Zwaluw

Although small, Circus Assassi managed to gather some of the world’s most famous artists including De Zwaluw, who’s reputation for the ancient art of peristalsis is as legendary among the average Joes as it is to the kings and queens she performed before…

The Sherriff

The Sheriff a.k.a. One-Eye McDart a.k.a. The Collector quickly climbed the army ranks in the Great War because of his complete lack of fear in combat and strategic brilliance. After being caught red-handed hiding contraband in a secret compartment of his infamous grey biplane, he was interrogated and dishonourably discharged.

Inspector S. Bal

Something has changed in Inspector Bal’s appearance over the years since he graduated cum laude as Eversteijn’s police academy’s prodigy. His once proud boyish smile vanished, traded for a cynical smirk now hidden under the hairy mark of manhood; the somewhat naïve sparkle in his eyes, excited about a future as crime fighter in Eversteijn, replaced by the stare of a man who has seen too much…


Wearing personalities like others would wear a dress or suit, Fantasmus moves like a fish in water through all layers of Eversteijn’s society, as much at ease in its bloated underbelly as in the upper layers, wherever money tells its tales of greed.


Being an outcast himself, Frank became a safe haven for those living in the margins of society. Out of this strange group of persona non grata Circus Assassi was born, with Big Frank being their undis-puted leader and mentor…


A  prodigy of his time, the brilliant Dr. Voland travelled the world to expand his knowledge. Putting this newly gained expertise to practice, the Doctor performed and perfected multiple surgical procedures while struggling against the limitations of the medical understanding and practice of his time, slowly but steadily building a name as one of the world’s most respected and sought after medical experts.


Blessed with iron fists and a raw talent for the noble art, Tirpitz knows his only way up is by putting others down by knockout. Unfortunately, most fights in town are far from fair, bare-knuckled, with the canvas being the unforgiving cobblestones of the docks owned by the Speckkooper family.

Roy Barbosa

The Pater Familias of the Barbosa clan and maybe the most feared man in Eversteijn, Roy Barbosa, after being stabbed in the back by life itself, took a vow to get even and worked himself up from the gutters, destroying all who opposed him in his merciless quest for power.

Johnny Granti

Johnny is a true sportsman; above all things he values sportsmanship, decency, and gentleman-like behaviour. A man of his word, and one who will gladly punch out the teeth of anyone who might stand in the way of these honourable virtues.


In the storm that is the two quick tempered Barbosa brothers, their cousin Ronnie is a tower of strength, built on a foundation of greed and calculated intelligence. Whereas most of Roy and Eddie’s actions are impulsive, following their streetwise gut, Ronnie’s the man with the actual plan.


Stay tuned for much much more!