No Shave November Meaning

What does No Shave November mean and why do people do it?

No Shave November is often visible at workplaces and in friend groups as holidays near, specifically with more scruff and beards than you typically see in an average workplace. While many people voluntarily grow a substantial and burly beard, even more people try a beard these days to participate in this month of beard growth.

Origins of No Shave November

No Shave November began as an awareness event; by choosing to avoid razors for a month, people demonstrated their support for cancer patients who often deal with the loss of their hair as a result of treatment, according to the No Shave November website. Participants in the challenge were encouraged to donate the same amount of money they would typically spend on shaving to cancer research organizations.

The trend has evolved into a chance to try out some facial hair for a month, and even if you choose to keep it neat and tidy for workplace rules, a well-kept beard in November can be a way to keep one’s face nice and warm as the cold weather settles in. Many still treat it as a chance to raise awareness and money for cancer research, but others choose to participate as a fun chance to sport a beard for a little while.


Tips for No Shave November

No Shave November TipsSo you’ve committed to not shave your facial hair this month? Here are a few ways to maintain your beard and make sure it is a great experience!

Keep it Clean and Combed: You may not be able to get rid of the itchy feeling entirely during that first week of beard growth, but you can definitely tidy up the scruff with a comb and wash it frequently. That being said, pay attention to your skin: if you are over-washing your face, it may become dry. If this occurs, Reuzel Beard Foam acts as a leave in conditioner that moisturizes the skin and helps stop itchy or dry skin. Keep in mind that just rinsing with water sometimes instead of using soap can ensure that you don’t wash all the natural oils away that protect your skin.

Keep an Eye Out For Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs can be painful and annoying, so keep an eye out for them. Cleaning and maintaining your beard vigorously can help keep new hairs from becoming ingrown, so exfoliate and move the beard hairs around to work up a lather and keep them loose and growing free.

Try Not to Touch Your Chin Too Much: Some lotion or oil is quite helpful to the beard’s growth but touching your chin all the time when you are growing a new beard can create too much of a good thing and may result in a pimple or two. For the best results, focus your attention on cleaning and maintaining your beard and then leaving it alone, even if it feels slightly itchy in those early stages.

For Strict Workplaces, Trim for Neatness: While No Shave November tends to encourage a razor-free approach, you have to think about your own context. Using trimmers to even things up, and even shaving along neck and cheek lines can help to make your beard neat and tidy, rather than wild and ragged. If you are ready to make a statement, though, a slightly wild beard might be just the thing to start a conversation about cancer research awareness.

Beard Balm Gives Control and Softness: Maybe your partner isn’t thrilled about the potential for prickly kisses this month; using Reuzel Beard Balm can help you keep that new beard from being too bristly by moisturizing the hair. It also helps you keep that new beard under control, with Argan oil to give a little control and shape as you maintain your new beard.

No Shave November is a great way to let your beard take the center stage for a month, whether you typically grow a beard or not. Even better, it raises awareness for an important cause, all while promoting having fun with a new facial look. What’s not to like?