SCHOREM MASTER PINK FLAMINGO Ⅱ by The Butcher and Mizutani

Have you heard about this bird? The Pink Flamingo is back!

After the fastest selling limited Mizutani Scissors ever in 2019 they received so many requests by barbers and hairdressers from all over the globe. So they decided to relaunch The Pink Flamingo by The Bloody Butcher once again!

And of course with the return of the most wanted pink scissors on the planet you have to create some, let’s call it “fresh”, promotion shots for our friends at Mizutani Scissors… You ask, we run…

P.S. If you’re fast you’ll receive a miniature cowboy Rob in an inflatable flamingo suit on a sticker! So don’t hesitate to check availability in your area at your nearest Mizutani retailer.