Schorem presents own book: ROACH. You’ll devour it with skin and hair. (ENGLISH)

For years, men from all corners of the world have been coming to Schorem Hair Cutter and Barber for one of the 12 Signature Haircuts and a jar of Reuzel pomade. And now there is also a book: ROACH. It’s everything that makes Robert-Jan Rietveld and Jelle Mollema’s heart beat faster. Beautiful hair, photography, styling and the love of comic books. For the past two and a half years Robert-Jan and Jelle have been working in the shadows with a team of their own to translate what lived in their brains into a book about the town of Eversteijn. Last Monday, October 31, the book officially went on sale, this was celebrated during the book presentation of ROACH in Schorem.

About the book ROACH.
“Roy Barbosa is a ruthless mafia boss who you better not screw. But in the vermin-infested town of Eversteijn, there’s always a cockroach ready to rise higher. Suddenly, Barbosa’s twins are kidnapped. It stirs the anger of the gang leader and upsets the subtle balance of power between the town’s ruling families, causing it to sink into a haze of violence. Against the pitch-black backdrop of a city built on bloodshed, greed and decadence, there is a story to be told. A story about money, old and new. Sought by many, earned by few.”

Founder Robert-Jan:
“We have always felt a creative fire to create something bigger than a great photo or cool haircut. ROACH is the biggest project we have ever taken on. We photographed over a hundred models who made it possible to shape Eversteijn’s story into book that doesn’t look out of place anywhere. The book is perfect for the coffee table: it is food for the eyes and the imagination. We thought about every little detail.”

ROACH is a Reuzel production on which many familiar faces collaborated, including team members from Schorem Hair Cutter and Barber and The Old School Barber Academy.
Iconic cartoonist and illustrator Erik Kriek provided the artwork, Robert-Jan Rietveld and Lennart van Baalen chose the words and made them dance until the final dot.

Jelle Mollema photographed all the models and in collaboration with Duncan Bailey (styling) told the story of the characters.

Eversteijn is waiting for you.